Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Opportunities

Become a Volunteer

Becoming a volunteer can be very rewarding for the both the volunteer and for the people you help. Volunteering is a great way to share your interests, meet new people and help shape the future of our community. Whether you would like to volunteer on a regular basis or just a few hours a year, your help would be greatly appreciated.

To find out more about becoming a volunteer please contact us at The Ridge Community League.

Board Positions

Please contact The Ridge (at info@theridgeonline.ca) to see which positions need to be filled.


Presides over board meetings, official spokesperson for The Ridge, has signing authority, and generally supervises the activities of the community league.

Vice President

Assumes role of President in his/her absence, has signing authority, performs review of various policies and procedures.


Distributes agenda for meetings, takes minutes for executive meetings, generally responsible for correspondence.


Responsible for financial records, including collections and disbursements, prepares annual budget and reports financial status at meetings as required.

Social Director

Responsible for matters pertaining to social activities of the League. Would be involved in particular with the annual New Year’s Eve Party.

Sports Director

Coordinate community sports programs.

Program Director

Primarily supervise and coordinate community summer playground programs, being involved in STEP and SCP grant applications.

Membership Director

Coordinate League membership drives and sales at sports registrations, collect membership fees and transfer to Treasurer, maintain current membership list.

Parkland Facilities Director

Responsible for the security and maintenance of the parklands facilities.

Advocacy Director

Liaison with Community Services, Planning and Development, Transportation, City Council, etc., Attend SWAC, TRAC and EFCL meetings.

Volunteer Coordinator

Assess volunteer needs, recruit and maintain list of willing volunteers for community events.

Communications Director

Responsible for publicity of League events, and for preparation of League newsletter and its submission to the Riverbend Ragg-Times.