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Update From Barry Kossowan on the Legal Proceeding Held April 14, 2016 for First Place Housing and ACT for Community

Justice Belzil adjourned the matter to allow ACT to give notice to the builders, Rohit and Landmark. When notice has been given, all parties will reconvene before Justice Belzil to discuss certain procedural aspects about moving forward with ACT’s application. Not exactly what we had hoped for but certainly not all bad news. Justice Belzil will remain on the bench for these proceedings, so the good news is that he has acquainted himself with the arguments put forth by ACT for Community and the City. I believe he will keep things on a fairly tight schedule as well.  I will keep you updated as to when we will reconvene in court.
Barry Kossowan, President
ACT for Community

Please consider donating to ACT for Community to help continue this legal action. To donate, you can contact  Barry Kossowan, president of ACT, at:


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See below for an open letter from Barry Kossowan, President of ACT for Community regarding the April 14, 2016 legal action about the First Place Housing Program.


March, 2016

It has been a long time since I have communicated to folks about Haddow Park and the development of the remaining surplus school sites with First Place Housing projects.  I have some interesting news regarding this issue.  On September 22nd, 2015, ACT for Community filed an Originating Motion with supporting Affidavit against the City of Edmonton citing what we believe to be two violations of the MGA (s. 70(1)(1) and s. 264) in the implementation of the First Place Program.  ACT is scheduled to go to court on April 14, 2016 at 2:00 p.m.

Our primary concerns are that we, as residents, have had no input regarding use of surplus school sites, and that we are going to lose green space that cannot be replaced. I am reaching out to residents in the hopes that you may be able to provide some financial support to assist with this legal action.  We need to work together to help stop the development of Haddow Park and the remaining surplus school sites.

Please consider donating to ACT for Community in support of this legal action.  To donate, you can contact me, president of ACT at or mail your cheque to:

ACT for Community

c/o 1758 Haswell Cove

Edmonton, AB

T6R 3A9

ACT for Community is a non-profit society that was formed in 2014 to advocate for residents in matters affecting their Edmonton communities.


Barry Kossowan, President ACT for Community




Haddow Park

Haddow Park surplus school site is planned as a First Place Program site.
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Henderson Park

Henderson Park has not been officially designated to any particular kind of development as of October 2012.
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