The Ridge Shinny/Hockey Guidelines

The Ice: Unless a full sheet shinny hockey schedule is posted, only play the width of the rink. Place nets on each side of the rink only using the space needed.

The Space: The rink is for everyone’s use. Consider all skaters when setting up your playing area.

Blue Padded Divider Zone: When dividers are present, no sticks or pucks are allowed in the free skating only zone.

Shinny is for Everyone: Consider everyone that wants to play shinny. If available, set up 2 playing areas to accommodate all players. If not available, rotate players into the game so everyone has a chance to play. Don’t forget the public skaters who need space too.

Let the kids/beginners play! We know the quality of the hockey might not be as high and the game will go a little slower at times, but this rink is for recreational fun. Try to get everyone involved and make it a good experience. There will be times when you can play at a higher level.

Safety First

  • Body-checking and rough play is not permitted.
  • Slap shots are a no go.
  • Pick up any debris (broken sticks, blades, hockey tape) from the ice.
  • Consider the ability of all participants when playing.
  • Use a helmet and close nearby gates.

            Last group on the ice shovels it: This is something that might feel like the last thing you want to do on a frigid night after a couple hours of hockey, but if everybody shovels the ice after they’re done, it makes it much easier for everyone involved. This goes for the last people for the night especially, because it helps out the volunteers who may have to flood the ice after you’re done.

            Kindness is Cool: We love the positive energy you bring to the rink. Keep that energy flowing by treating everyone with courtesy, respect and enjoy yourself.