Our Community Vision

Community Vision — Preservation of Green Space

Preserve Public Space, Share Your Voice, Protect Public Input!

Your Vision, Your Neighbourhood!

Creating a Community Vision

“Your Vision, Your Neighbourhood” is an initiative started by The Ridge Community League* in response to planned City of Edmonton development in local parks and green spaces located in Haddow and Henderson Parks. (visit the Surplus School Sites page.)


In 2006, the City of Edmonton initiated a program called the First Place Home Ownership Program which allows first time homebuyers to purchase townhomes on school sites deemed surplus. In 2009, further sites were allocated for development throughout the city.

Currently, two sites are slated for townhomes in the next five years, one in Henderson Park and one in Haddow Park.


To seek information about development in our neighbourhoods, including all the potential benefits and impacts to the space in the parks and to the community as a whole.

To create awareness about development and inform neighbours through a means of public meetings, local events, and media (ie. websites, Facebook, newspapers).

To engage all community members and local groups to create a community vision for development in our parks and neighbourhoods.

To collaborate with the City of Edmonton, School Boards, and all stakeholders to create a vision that connects with our parks and communities.

Things to Consider

Neighbourhood planning affects our mental, emotional, financial, and physical health.

The public and community needs to be engaged in changes in their own community.

With the economic changes, we need to decide what is best needed now and for the future of the area.

Housing options will continue to affect every community as Edmonton continues to grow.
The hearts of our communities are our parks.

Education options within communities is important.

Education, recreation and assembly improve our health, safety and ability to learn and thrive.

What will happen if/when development occurs? Where will we meet our neighbours? What are our needs? What are our hopes and expectations? What are our values? What is our image of community?