Our Community League

Our Vision

To have unified active neighbourhoods with a strong sense of community.

Our Mission

To lead our community in the cooperative creation of programs, facilities and parklands that will enhance the quality of life and wellness for all residents.

The Ridge Executive Committee — 2016-2017​

President Jim Bradshaw
Vice-President Open
Secretary Peter Kunkel
Treasurer Daniel Evoy
Membership Director Charlene Boyko
Communications Director Andrew Martin
Casino Director Dave Wilson
Social Director Dianne Kossowan
Director at Large Scott Johnson
Director at Large Larry Shaben
Director at Large Jolanta Wandzel-Mrugala
Director at Large Martina Kunkel
Director at Large Trevor Mayowski
Director at Large Barry Kossowan
Community Services Christine Poirier
Parkland Facilities Director  Al Sibilo

Our History

League history

Our Affiliates

We are a member of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL).

Our Neighbourhoods include: (Developer names in brackets)

  • Henderson Estates (River Ridge, Eagle Ridge and Promontory Point)
  • Falconer Heights (Terwillegar Hill Estates and Falcon Crest)
  • Haddow (Riverside and College Woods)


What’s the difference between community leagues vs. homeowners or residents associations?

Community league are formed for advocacy purposes and to enhance their neighbourhoods by providing programs, playgrounds, halls and other facilities. Community league memberships are voluntary. Homeowner associations are formed primarily for maintenance purposes and enforcement of architectural guidelines. Homeowner associations have mandatory memberships.